What is the Kapita Shooting System?

There is so much to the Kapita and this is why we call it a shooting system. It can be used as a Mono/Bi and Tripod, can handle everything from seated to standing shots and thanks to our articulated ball joint, permits 360 of rotation. Shots to be taken up and down hill.

Not only will the Kapita support your Rifle, it can also support spotting scopes, Binoculars and even Camera’s. It can even be taken down to provide two trekking poles, so can support you the shooter when it comes to those difficult hills.

Designed to work from the same adapter as our Bipods, means you can have a complete shooting system covering so many scenarios.

A true revolution when it comes to a versatile shooting system that already many professional hunters have adopted.

Made from the best materials we could find, the Kapita is an investment for those of you that take your hunting seriously. Invest and make sure every shot hits your target!

Kapita Black (legs OPEN) Oblique 03.png

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